Michigan Music Conference 2019

Session Title: “Let Them Write! How Composition Can Be Utilized As Your Most Effective Teaching Tool”

Welcome educators! Below are some handouts from my session at the 2019 Michigan Music Conference about implementing music composition into the classroom. Also below are some of the composition projects I have given to students in my classroom over the years. Feel free to adapt them to use in your own classroom. I would also love to see/hear the compositions your students come up with! Send them my way: andyjarema@gmail.com

Main Handouts



Composition Projects

Composition Introductory Project #1

Pop Music Arrangement

12 Tone Composition


12 Days of Christmas Rearrangement

Music + Story Project

Finishing Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony

Rhythm Sheet Remixes

Silent Movie Project

Create a Beat Project

Download all composition projects in a .zip folder as .doc files (that way you will be able to customize the files, but they might look messy since I cannot promise the fonts will transfer over)

Max/MSP Patch (Create A Beat software)

See “Create a Beat Project” worksheet above.

Download the software here

You must download Max/MSP in order to use this software. You do not need a paid license to use Max (even after the 30 day trial), however you need the paid version to make edits to the software (which you shouldn’t have to do). Since Max can be complex at a first glance, get in touch if you have any questions. Below is a demo of the software.

Max patch.jpg